HYPOCRITE: Elizabeth Warren Only Democratic Woman in Senate not to Recognize Equal Pay Day

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) was not quick to recognize women’s equal pay on women’s equal pay day. That is because the Washington Free Beacon once again exposed her as being one of the biggest hypocrites in American politics.

Warren pays her female staffers 20% less than her male staffers. That is 10% higher than the national average in the gender wage gap.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Warren has used Equal Pay Day, which fell on April 4 this year, in years past as an opportunity to speak out on the gender pay gap. Last year she took to the Senate floor to call Equal Pay Day a “national day of embarrassment” and pledged to continue her “fight” until the pay gap was erased. She gave similar statements on Equal Pay Day in 20152014, and 2013, her first year in the Senate.

This year, Warren was the only female Democratic senator who ignored Equal Pay Day entirely, and it was not due to a lack of opportunity.

She delivered a nearly 10 minute speech Tuesday afternoon and made no mention of equal pay. The topic of speeches during the session was the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, but that didn’t stop fellow Democratic Senators Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), Tammy Duckworth (Ill.), or Kamala Harris (Calif.) from acknowledging Equal Pay Day.

The fact that Warren remained silent is even more pathetic. She should have come out and admitted to it and fixed. Ignoring it only confirms her guilt.

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