EPIC DISASTER: CNN’s Chris Cillizza Endures Brutal Question And Answer Session On Reddit

CNN’s Chris Cillizza, an arrogant fake news “journalist,” decided that he wanted to do a question and answer session on Reddit and it did not go well for him…

Mashable reported:

Sometimes Reddit AMAs are informative and fun for the people answering the questions, and sometimes they’re like walking into an asteroid field.

Chris Cillizza’s Tuesday AMA was more like the latter.

The CNN journalist has long been a favorite hate-read for a handful of journalists as well as viewers/readers who aren’t a fan of his horse-race style of political news coverage.

Perhaps he should have known he’d be walking into some brutal questions during his AMA. Hey, maybe he did know, and he went ahead with it anyway. We listed some of the more grimace-inducing questions, below.

This question, from Fusion’s Libby Watson, was deleted for a period of time, but answered anyway.

Read the rest of the report here. 

Hilarious! Cillizza is an obnoxious jerk who deserved to get blasted.

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