EXCUSES TOUR: CNN Mocks Hillary for Being a Loser (VIDEO)

You know people are getting sick and tired of all of Hillary Clinton’s whining and complaining over the fact that she is a loser who can’t accept the election results because she is a child.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Since November, Clinton has blamed virtually everyone but herself for her 2016 election less, including former FBI Director James Comey, coverage of her paid Wall Street speeches, coverage of her private email server use, high expectations, fake news, Facebook, WikiLeaks and Russian interference, American collusion with Russian interference, the Democratic National Committee, and sexism.

Clinton on Wednesday took responsibility for “every decision” she made throughout the campaign, but said “that’s not why [she] lost.”

The following day, CNN teased a segment on her comments with the banner: “Clinton Trashes Everyone for Election Loss.”

“Hillary Clinton’s post-election media blitz sounding more like an excuses tour right now,” host Kate Bolduan said.

The chyron after the break likewise read, “Excuses Tour: Clinton Blames More People for Election Loss,” over video of Clinton blaming a multitude of actors and forces for her loss to Donald Trump.

What a loser, something is clearly not right with her mind!

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