CNN Host Falsely Claims Trump Would’ve Approved Hillary-Backed Uranium Deal

The fake news Clinton News Network (CNN) is at it again with spreading lies and misinformation as they try to manipulate their naive viewers, this time trying to convince them that President Trump would have approved the sale of US uranium to the Russian government like Hillary Clinton did.

Breitbart reported:

Another day, more fraudulently incorrect misinformation from CNN—the network President Donald J. Trump calls “very fake news.” Now, CNN has demonstrated its anchors are literally willing to push fraudulently untruthful information on air–and are refusing to do anything to hold the purveyors of its latest very fake news accountable.

This time, anchor Alisyn Camerota falsely claimed in an exchange with ex-Trump campaign communications director Jason Miller that President Trump would have approved the Uranium One deal that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed through. That deal saw the Russians gain control of nuclear energy company Uranium One through multiple transactions over several years, as a steady stream of millions of dollars poured into the Clinton Foundation. Clinton, as Secretary of State, approved the transaction that placed the Uranium One assets in Russian control as the donations were being made to her family’s foundation.

The Uranium One deal is actual Russian government influence in the United States of America—not the phony, fake news about the Russian meddling in the U.S. election that the entire media is up in arms about surrounding Trump—and appears to be a place where the Russians had significant interest in seeing Democrat Hillary Clinton win the election. President Trump made that point recently, as well.

This is absolutely ridiculous, it’s amazing that CNN is still allowed to broadcast their lies and propaganda on TV when it is so blatantly and intentionally false.

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