FAKE NEWS: USA Today Falls for Parody North Korean Twitter Account

USA Today, a left-leaning news publication, fell for a popular parody Twitter account that pretends to be the North Korean government.

The Free Beacon reported:

“Noted idiot John McCain denounced as an infantile lunatic angrily soiling himself after slandering august personages of DPRK,” the parody DPRK News Service account tweeted Wednesday, a joking reference to recent criticism from the Arizona senator targeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

McCain recently called Kim a “crazy fat kid,” leading Pyongyang to characterize the comment as “a provocation tantamount to declaration of war against the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea].”

USA Today fell for the parody tweet, initially embedding it in a story on McCain’s comments. The publication later deleted the tweet from the body of the piece, noting in a correction that the message was from a “parody account.” But a screenshot of the message remained in the embedded video until it was also removed.

This is pretty bad. The fact that a major news network made a mistake this large is down right embarrassing.

It should have been blatantly obvious because the account doesn’t even have a blue verification badge which is what Twitter uses to verify that an account is official.

(Image: Twitter Photo)

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