FLASHBACK: Most Explosive Case of Foreign Meddling in U.S. Election History Linked to Clintons, Democrats

As the corrupt mainstream media is trying to destroy President Trump over a fabricated ‘Russia’ scandal, they are ignoring the most explosive case of foreign meddling in U.S. election history which was directly linked to the Clintons and the Democrats.

Bretibart reported:

Not for Hillary Rodham Clinton, the failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, but Bill Clinton–her husband, and the former U.S. president. The mention of the name James Riady recalls what is easily the most serious case of foreign meddling in American politics, something that linked Clinton himself right into the mess connecting him shoulders-deep to Chinese Communists.

Riady is an Indonesian billionaire with deep connection to China’s Communist Party and who sought to normalize relations with Vietnam was almost single-handedly responsible for the Clinton family’s most significant financial boost in their political careers.

It was the mother of all foreign interference stories and always lurking in the shadows was the hand of the Communist government in China.

Their bond gains significance in the current news cycle because of the clear, illicit fiscal ties between the two, compared to the lack of evidence in the Russia story.

In fact, nothing brought up in connection to the charges of Russian interference compares to the wrongdoing the ringleader James Riady confessed to.

Riady ran the most serious case of campaign finance fraud in the history of the United States and foreign meddling in American politics.

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The Clinton’s are a corrupt criminal enterprise that has been operating successfully for far too long, it’s time to lock them up!

(Image: Photo Licensed to Ryan)

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