France’s Le Pen: EU ‘Will Die’, Globalists to be Defeated!

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told a rally on Sunday that the  European Union will disappear according to Reuters.

Reuters reportedBuoyed by the unexpected election of Donald Trump in the United States and by Britain’s vote to leave the EU, the leader of the anti-EU and anti-immigrant National Front (FN) party, told the rally in Lille that the French election would be the next step in what she called a global rebellion of the people.

“The European Union will die because the people do not want it anymore,” Le Pen said to loud cheers and applause.

“The time has come to defeat globalists,” she said, adding: “My message is one of emancipation, of liberation … a call for all the patriots to gather behind our flag.”…

…On Sunday she told the rally she would seek to replace the EU by “another Europe,” which she called “the Europe of the people,” based on a loose cooperative of nations.

“It must be done in a rational, well-prepared way,” she told Le Parisien in an interview published earlier on Sunday. “I don’t want chaos. Within the negotiation calendar I want to carry out … the euro would be the last step because I want to wait for the outcome of elections in Germany in the fall before renegotiating it.”

A win for Le Pen in the French Presidential Election would be of the same magnitude of Brexit!

(Image: American Lookout File Photo)
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