GEORGE SOROS Gave Big Money to Illegal Aliens In America For Lawyers

Ultra-liberal billionaire megadonor, George Soros, is paying for the legal fees of illegal immigrants as he continues to wage war on America.

Breitbart reported:

Soros’ Open Society Foundation has donated $100,000 to a Baltimore legal fund, created by a number of open borders groups, to pay for lawyers for illegal immigrants as they try to avoid deportation.

 The Southeast Baltimore Open Society Foundation’s Director Diana Morris said illegal immigrants feel as though they are “under attack” by President Donald Trump’s administration, according to the Baltimore Sun, failing to mention that the vast majority of illegal immigrants deported from the U.S. had committed crimes.

“We see children afraid to go to school,” Morris said during a press conference in front of a Catholic parish. “Parents afraid to drop their children off at school.”

So far, Soros’ Open Society Foundation is one of the biggest funders of the Baltimore illegal alien fund, with another $100,000 coming from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and $25,000 pouring in from Baltimore Community Foundation.

George Soros is an extremely corrupt human being who is responsible for many of the world’s problems including spreading Syrian refugees throughout Europe, bolstering a corrupt Democratic party, and causing financial collapse in certain nations he does business in.

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