The new corrupt chairman for the Democratic National Convention, Tom Perez, dodged a question while appearing on Bloomberg about whether or not the Democratic party is headed further left.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez dodged Bloomberg‘s Kevin Cirilli on Wednesday when he asked whether the Democratic Party was adopting a populist tone and moving “more toward the left.”

Perez pivoted away from Cirilli’s question and said that the Democratic Party is fighting for what the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D., Mass.) fought for during his Senate career.

“We want to make sure we are fighting for the issues that people care most about,” Perez said. “They want a good job that pays a fair wage. They want to make sure that if you work forty hours a week, you can feed your family. They want to make sure that health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few.”

Perez said that these are the issues that Democrats have always been fighting for and that he wants to make sure people get a “fair shake.”

“Too many people feel like the doors are closed for them, that the system doesn’t work for them, and what we’re doing as Democrats is clearly articulating what we stand for, and putting those values into action and contrasting them with the idle chatter and the empty talk of this administration,” Perez said.

All indications point to the notion that the Democrats are going to fail as usual and are going to go further left and continue dividing America!

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