GUN CONTROL FAIL: San Bernardino School Shooter Was BANNED From Owning Guns

Gun control advocates are looking to capitalize on the recent shootings at a school in San Bernardino, CA, by politicizing the event in hopes of legislating more gun control. What advocates completely ignore is the fact that the shoot, Cedric Anderson, wasn’t allowed to buy a gun because he had a violent criminal past.

Heavy reported:

In July 2016, Anderson wrote a post about how “fed up people” kill.

“The truth of the matter is when people get fed up, people get killed! It’s the folks who think they have nothing to lose with there evil ways that puts innocent people at risk to die!” he wrote.“Most fed up people kill the innocent. ISIS, Bad Cops, Mass Killers, Domestic Violence Killers.”

Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said Cedric Anderson had a criminal history, including arrests for domestic violence, weapons and drug charges. Burguan said he was not able to provide specifics about those cases. He said the criminal history preceded his relationship with Karen Smith.

Anderson was arrested in Los Angeles County in 2013 and charged with brandishing a weapon, assault and battery and disturbing the peace, court records show. The case was dismissed in 2014. Further details about the incident that led to the charges and why the case was not prosecuted were not immediately available.

He was also arrested in 1993 in Kern County, California, on charges of battery with serious bodily injury and battery on a person, but that case was also dismissed.

Conservative Icon Dana Loesch explained in a rant on Facebook:

Cedric Anderson, the murderer who shot and killed his wife at her school job in a murder-suicide, was a prohibited possessor whose record includes weapons, drug, assault and battery, domestic violence, and brandishing charges. There is no way on earth he could have legally purchased a firearm. So tell me, ghoulish anti-gun tragedy pimps, what law would have prevented this awful crime? Why do you always ignore that repeat offenders like this fear NO deterrence, are easily put on the streets to reoffend? Cedric Anderson wasn’t an NRA member, so why blame the NRA or lawful gun owners?

Gun control never works!

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