George Mason University Feminists Make Sandwiches To Fight Sexism Or Something

Liberals are good for one thing: providing occasional laughs for conservatives. This is one of those occasions.

Campus Reform reported:

Feminist students at George Mason University held a “Make Your Own Damn Sandwich” event Tuesday, making both literal and metaphorical sandwiches to help them “recognize everyday sexism.”

The Women and Gender Studies Program, which hosted the event, explained that its “overall goal” was “to have participants in the event make their own sandwiches by deconstructing sexism through facilitated activities,” noting that there would be small-group activities focused on topics including “Job Equity, Intersectionality, Consent and Sex, Media Representations and Body Image, Self-Care, and Gender Binaries and the Sexuality Spectrum.”

“This is an event that is meant to respond to sexist language and attitudes on our campus,” the event description reads. “This event is an attempt to deconstruct and challenge attitudes while encouraging participants to learn about gender equity and how to recognize everyday sexism in their lives.”

“Make Your Own Damn Sandwich” also featured information on the “gender pay gap,” which the Women And Gender Studies Program defined on its Facebook page as “the difference between earnings of men and women” even though the very same post acknowledged that factors apart from gender also influence such statistics.

What a joke!


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