POLL: Hillary Clinton Still Less Popular Than Donald Trump

A new poll shows that despite the media’s all out assault on President Trump still hasn’t changed the minds of Americans as he is still more popular than she is with Americans.

NTK Network reported:

While much attention has been focused in recent days on President Trump’s low approval ratings, there’s at least one national figure who’s still doing worse: Hillary Clinton.

A new Bloomberg poll found Trump had an approval rating of 41 percent, the former secretary of state scored a dismal 39 percent.

Perhaps most surprisingly, Clinton’s numbers are going down because people who voted for her now view her unfavorably:

The former secretary of state has always been a polarizing figure, but this survey shows she’s even lost popularity among those who voted for her in November.

More than a fifth of Clinton voters say they have an unfavorable view of her. By comparison, just 8 percent of likely Clinton voters felt that way in the final Bloomberg poll before the election, and just 6 percent of Trump’s voters now say they view him unfavorably.

“There’s growing discontent with Hillary Clinton even as she has largely stayed out of the spotlight,” said pollster J. Ann Selzer, who oversaw the survey. “It’s not a pox on the Democratic house because numbers for other Democrats are good.”

The hilarious thing is that the Democrats cry “the election was stolen from us” despite the fact that Trump was definitely the favorite among the people.

If the media had accurately portrayed both candidates, President Trump would have won in one of the largest landsides in American history.

(Image: American Lookout File Photo)

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