Judge Jeanine On Hawaii’s Anti-Trump Lawsuit: “All The Refugees Should Go To Hawaii” (VIDEO)

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Friday morning, Judge Jeanine blasted the State of Hawaii over its recent ruling against President Trump’s most recent travel ban. According to an article that is referenced on the broadcast the State of Hawaii has not taken in a single refugee from any of the countries on the Travel Ban list.

Judge Jeanine started her rant about Hawaii’s decision by saying: What Hawaii said was: ‘look this is going to be terrible its going to have an incredible impact on our economy because we’re not going to have any students coming from these countries.’ Hello, you don’t have anyone coming from these countries anyway. I mean this is the most hypocritical reaction to the President and this executive order. 

Judge Jeanine is absolutely right. All refugees should be shipped to Hawaii since they seem to think it’s a good idea to let these people from dangerous countries into the United States.

At a minimum this is just another example of liberal hypocrisy.

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