LAZY MAYOR: Bill de Blasio Comes Into Work Late And Takes Naps Often

Liberal New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken a lot of fire recently for ignoring questions from an elderly woman, kicking homeless people off the subway for his photo shoot, and for his connections to corrupt donors.

Now de Blasio is facing another PR nightmare as he has been accused of coming into work late on a near daily basis and frequently takes naps once he is there.

The New York Post reported:

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daily exercise routine at a Brooklyn gym often leaves him too tuckered out to stay awake at City Hall, where he catches up on his shuteye by crashing on a couch in his office, sources told The Post.

Hizzoner regularly takes midday naps while everyone around him is busy at work, according to former aides with knowledge of the siestas.

“He would arrive at 10 a.m. after working out and then would be napping,” one ex-staffer said.

And Hizzoner doesn’t bother sleeping with one eye open — one source recalled him snoozing away with his face covered by a newspaper to shut out the daylight.

De Blasio also doesn’t attempt to hide his hibernation habit, according to another source who said it’s “pretty widely known within the building.”

“He would tell his front-office staff: ‘Don’t bother me for the next 30, 45 minutes. I’m going to take a nap,’” the source said.

Because the mayor rarely — if ever — ignores a visit from the sandman, his periodic unconsciousness played havoc on his staff’s ability to get things done, one former worker said.

“We couldn’t plan our days that first year at City Hall,” the source said. “Regardless of what you think of [previous Mayor Michael] Bloomberg, that guy was professional. Now, we’ve got this incompetence.”

Read the rest of the report here.

It’s time for the people of New York City to kick de Blasio out of office!

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