LIAR: Jon Ossoff Says He Lives Close to His District – It’s A 2 Hour Walk Away

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff can’t vote for himself in the special election because he doesn’t live in the congressional district that he is running for.

He claims to live nearby but an investigation into his claim proved him to be a liar as a journalist walked the 3 blocks that Ossoff claims which in reality is several miles away.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Ossoff has downplayed his inability to vote for himself, saying that he lives just “down the street” from the district. When his campaign was told by volunteers that a big voter concern was that he didn’t live in the district, it directed them to say that “he lives three blocks away from the district.”

Ossoff actually lives much farther from the district than that, according to an exhausting Washington Free Beacon investigation.

I set out to walk from Ossoff’s current residence in the northwest corner of Emory University to a section of the sixth district (outlined in green in the below screenshot) that juts down into the fifth district on Buford Highway. It would have been a shorter trip, by the way, to Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District, but that’s not where Ossoff is running.

My Uber from the International Cafe back to my car, which was parked by Ossoff’s place, was 6.55 miles and took 18 minutes and 45 seconds. My walk was about 3.2 miles.

A lot longer than 3 blocks.

In the video below the journalist walks the route which ends up taking 2 hours. After about 50 minutes his phone breaks because of how hot it is outside.

Ossoff is a typical Democrat, corrupt and dishonest!

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