Liberal ARRESTED For Shoving Her ‘BLOODY MAXI-PAD’ Into Pro-Lifer’s Mouth (VIDEO)

A “tolerant” liberal decided to show her love and understanding of differing view points when she ran up and shoved a bloody maxi-pad into a pro-life protester’s mouth…

Heat Street reported:

A woman accused of shoving “her bloody maxi-pad” into a pro-life protester’s mouth near a Planned Parenthood clinic in Oregon has been arrested after she turned herself in to police. She faces charges of harassment on one count.

According to the local police, an organized protest was held outside Planned Parenthood in Ashland, Oregon on January 27. During the protest, a woman, who was identified as 21-year-old Valerie Starushok, approached a protester and “struck him in the face with a wet sanitary napkin.” The woman then ran off towards the rear of the building.

A video of the incident has been captured by the protesters and shared on YouTube. The footage shows Starushok coming towards the protester while he was arguing with another man. The protester claimed the woman caught him off-guard and “shoved her bloody maxi pad into my mouth” and yelled profanities, reports.

“Eat this f****** pad, you (inaudible),” the woman is heard shouting in the video as she allegedly shoves the wet sanitary napkin into the protester’s mouth.

“I think I’m actually gonna have to call the police,” the man said. “She just shoved a dirty, bloody tampon in my face.”

Can you imagine the media attention this would receive if a conservative did this? Although to be fair no conservative on earth is as disgusting and nasty as this fat slob.

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