LIBERAL MAGAZINE: ‘Could a Robot Be President?’

Politico, a far left publication that has a tenuous relationship with the Truth, is offering a solution to prevent Donald Trump from getting re-elected… putting a robot in charge.

Politico reported:

President Donald Trump reportedly spends his nights alone in the White House, watching TV news and yelling at the screen. He wakes up early each morning to watch more television and tweet his anger to the world … or Mika Brzezinski … or CNN. He takes time out of meetings with foreign leaders to brag about his Electoral College win.

That all sounds, at the very least, distracting for a person with the weight of the free world on his shoulders. But if his fury at the Russia scandal and insecurity about his election are stealing time from the important decisions of the presidency, Trump is by no means the first commander in chief whose emotions or personality have gotten in the way of the job. From Warren Harding’s buddies enriching themselves in Teapot Dome to Richard Nixon’s Watergate hubris to Bill Clinton nearly getting kicked out of office because he couldn’t control his base urges, it’s human weakness—jealousy, greed, lust, nepotism—that most often upend presidencies.

Now, a small group of scientists and thinkers believes there could be an alternative, a way to save the president—and the rest of us—from him- or herself. As soon as technology advances far enough, they think we should put a computer in charge of the country.

Read the rest of the absolutely absurd article here.

This is an absolutely stupid idea and will surely make liberals look dumb if they take it seriously.

With that being said, liberals should pursue this!

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