GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: Liberal Rag ‘Salon’ Wants Maxine Waters To Run For President

Ultra-liberal magazine, Salon, came out and gave a list of reasons that crazy Maxine Waters should be President of the United States.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The video, hosted by Salon columnist D. Watkins, highlighted reasons why Waters has recently become a progressive social media darling.

“Hard work is in her blood,” Watkins said, referencing her working in segregated restaurants at 13 years old.

Watkins also noted Waters’s hardworking background and her “amazing reputation” of being an advocate for women, children, and people of color.

“Maxine Waters has an amazing reputation of being a fearless, outspoken advocate for women, the poor, children, people of color,” Watkins continued. “Pretty much everybody that was left out of the Trump campaign.”

He then lauded Waters for her history of political activism, saying that, “before she was even elected to Congress, she was out there on the front lines, fighting against divestment from the South African apartheid regime.”..

…Watkins also emphasized Waters’s love of millennials. “She loves the millennials and we love her back,” he said.

Waters loves the millenials enough that she identifies with them: in a recent speech, she told supporters that “she was a millenial once.”

Conservatives everywhere should be praying that Waters becomes the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020, she will lose in historic fashion!

(Image: Twitter Photo)

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