MSNBC Anchor Pushes Fake News About Ivanka Trump (VIDEO)

Fake news MSNBC was doing what they do best, spreading fake news about the Trump family…

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle on Friday morning pushed a debunked narrative about First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

Ruhle claimed that President Donald Trump accepted a $100 million donation from Saudi Arabia for his daughter Ivanka’s proposed Women Entrepreneurs Fund.

“The president saying, ‘The Germans are bad, very bad.’ Now he’s speaking about trade, but when you look at all this, all of things the president has said in the last week, do you wonder how informed he is?” Ruhle asked.

“The fact that he can even use the word ‘bad, very bad’ as it relates to Germany, yet accepting $100 million from the Saudis for Ivanka’s women in entrepreneurship fund, when Saudi Arabia is a country with massive human rights violations,” Ruhle continued. “And its treatment of women can’t possibly be considered humane compared to Western beliefs.”

The $100 million donation from Saudi Arabia to the Women Entrepreneurs Fund was accurately reported in the Wall Street Journal but shared misleadingly on social media. Reporters alluded to the donation as a form of bribery, claiming President Trump was a hypocrite because he criticized Hillary Clinton throughout his campaign for the Clinton Foundation accepting foreign donations.

Absolutely awful!

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