Neil Gorsuch: “A Good Judge Doesn’t Give a Whit About Politics”

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch answered a lot of questions on Tuesday and shut down attacks from liberal Democrats who sought to trap him.

Reuters reportedIf confirmed by the Senate as expected to fill a 13-month-old vacancy, Gorsuch would restore the nine-seat court’s conservative majority at a time when Republicans control Congress and the White House. But the conservative federal appeals court judge from Colorado repeatedly said he was beyond politics.

“I have offered no promises on how I’d rule in any case to anyone. And I don’t think it’s appropriate for a judge to do so, no matter who’s doing the asking,” Gorsuch added.

Gorsuch refused to offer his opinion of Trump’s travel ban, saying it was an ongoing case. When Leahy brought up a Republican lawmaker’s suggestion that Gorsuch would uphold Trump’s ban, the nominee said, “A lot of people say a lot of silly things” and that lawmaker “has no idea how I’d rule.”

Gorsuch said rulings should be based on the law and not politics, adding, “A good judge doesn’t give a whit about politics or the political implications of his or her decision.”

It’s going to be awesome having a constitutional conservative on the Supreme Court who could possible serve 25+ years given Gorsuch’s young age.

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