GLOBALISTS ARE AFRAID: New York Times Says ‘France In The END OF DAYS’

Recently the New York Times published an article claiming that the rise of the “extreme right” is the beginning of the end times for France.

The New York Times reported:

“If Marine Le Pen of the National Front wins, she says she will take France out of the euro, the shared European currency, and restore the franc. Exit from the European Union could follow. This would constitute an economic and political rupture so violent that even Donald Trump’s victory and Britain’s vote to leave the union would pale beside it. Europe, and not just its markets, would be upended. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who has been meddling, would be happy.

A Le Pen victory is far from assured, plausible if not probable. Returning to France late last month, to the glow of Paris and the gloom of the provinces, I was struck by how much Le Pen’s party, whose racist ideology was once taboo, has joined the mainstream. The pattern that has prevailed throughout the Fifth Republic — alternation of center-left and center-right — seems dead. The French are tired of increasingly indistinguishable Socialist and Republican presidents…

…That is the backdrop to Le Pen’s possible victory. It is a frightening prospect; French streets could become battlegrounds. Insurrection is another of those French habits that do not die easily.”

Once again, the New York Times shows themselves on the side of globalists. Despite the fact they know nothing about France, they don’t want Le Pen.

What a joke!

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