PATHETIC: MSNBC Runs Segment Slamming Trump’s Physical Fitness (VIDEO)

The outright pathetic liberal media is trying to start a controversy over President Trump’s health over the revelation that he doesn’t walk on the golf course and prefers to take a golf cart.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

MSNBC host Chris Jansing invited Politico writer Ben Strauss on air Tuesday for a segment on the lack of President Donald Trump’s physical fitness.

Strauss wrote an article earlier that day titled “Is the President Fit?” with the caption “Donald Trump is the least athletic president in generations. Here’s why it matters.”

Jansing read a section of Strauss’s article on air.

“In the modern history of American presidents, no occupant of the Oval Office has evinced less interest in his own health. He does not smoke or drink, but his fast-food, red meat-heavy diet, his aversion to exercise and a tendency to gorge on television for hours at a time put him at odds with his predecessors,” Jansing read.

“I mean, is this ultimately in keeping with a personality that is about a lack of discipline, Ben?” Jansing asked.

“Yeah, you’re absolutely right,” Strauss said.

Jansing noted Trump’s use of golf carts outside of golf courses, to which Strauss said, “The golf cart is perhaps the most indispensable prop of this presidency outside of the Twitter feed.”

The media never said anything about the fact that former President Obama used to be a coke-head growing up or over the fact that he drank and smoked.


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