Pelosi Blames GOP for ‘Politics of Personal Destruction’ After Scalise Shooting (VIDEO)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during a press conference following the attempted mass murder of Republican leaders by a hardcore Democrat that Republicans are to blame for what happened.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“This affliction, this coarsened political behavior. Do you see this as equally afflicting the left and the right?” a reporter asked Pelosi during the press conference.

“No, I do not,” she responded.

Pelosi discussed threats that had been made against herself before claiming that Republicans were the ones responsible for the “politics of personal destruction” that led to the shooting of Scalise and others.

“It didn’t use to be this way. Somewhere in the 90s, Republicans decided on a politics of personal destruction as they went after the Clintons, and that is the provenance of it, and that is what has continued,” Pelosi said.

“When you have a president who says I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and nobody would care. When you have people saying, beat ’em up and I’ll pay your legal fees. When you have all the assaults that are made on Hillary Clinton. For them to be so sanctimonious is something that—,” she said before cutting herself off.

Pelosi then said it was “not appropriate” to have such a discussion so soon after Wednesday’s attack.

It is time for Pelosi to resign!

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