Pelosi LAUGHS When Asked if She’s Worried About A North Korean Nuclear Attack (VIDEO)

Democratic California Representative Nancy Pelosi laughed at a recent news conference when she was asked about the possibility of a nuclear attack on the United States by North Korea.

The American Mirror reported:

What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

The House Minority Leader had a bizarre reaction as a reporter was asking her about North Korean aggression: She giggled.

Pelosi was fielding questions from reporters during her weekly press conference, and as she finished an answer about arts funding, one said, “Speaking of the arts,” as Pelosi giggled.

“Kim Jung In,” he continued, “has been celebrating their ICBM launch with some cultural” events, the reporter said as Pelosi laughed strangely.

Pelosi regained her composure as the reporter went on, before she sighed loudly into the microphone.

This is an extremely serious issue, millions of lives are at stake and the fact that Pelosi feels like this is a laughing matter shows that it is time for her to resign her position.

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