RAND PAUL: “I Have Formally Requested . . . Info On Whether I Was Surveilled By Obama Admin”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul told the Breitbart News Network that he believes the Obama administration may have spied on his presidential campaign.

Breitbart reported:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Friday told Breitbart News that several sources have told him that the Obama administration spied on his presidential campaign.

“We’ve had several people come to us and say that it happened. I don’t have access to that information, but I’ve been very concerned that too many Americans’ information is being culled through without a warrant,” he told Breitbart News.

 “I don’t have any facts to say it happened,” he said. “But numerous sources are coming to us saying it did happen so I want to search through, find out why I wasn’t notified. Was it on purpose?”

“There’s a lot of things to be found out, particularly since we found out that Susan Rice was unmasking people and we need to know was there a political motivation, because one of the real dangers in a free society is if government gets so powerful it’s listening to all of our phone calls, the possibility of extortion, the possibility of blackmail — all of that goes up exponentially,” he said.

As usual, the mainstream media is completely ignoring this….

Here is Rand Paul calling for Susan Rice to testify before Congress on this scandal:

Good for him!

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