President Reagan Schools Liberals on Gun Control (CLASSIC VIDEO)

Speaking to the NRA in 1983 Ronald Reagan used the opportunity to slam liberals by reminding them “…those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun control laws.”

Breitbart reported:

Reagan stood before an applauding NRA crowd and reminded them that he, too, was a member of the NRA. He praised the NRA for the work it was doing to defend the right to keep and bear arms and pointed out that a large portion of the group’s two and a half million members had rallied to defeat gun control in California in November 1982.

 He then said, “It’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun control laws.” He added, “I happen to know this from personal experience,” referencing the assassination attempt on his own life in March 30, 1981.

Reagan then said, “I’ve always felt a special bond with the members of your group. You live by Lincoln’s words, ‘Important principles may and must be inflexible.’”

He added:

[The NRA’s] philosophy put its trust in people, so you insist [that] individuals be held responsible for their actions.  The NRA believes that America’s laws were made to be obeyed and that our constitutional liberties are just as important today as 200 years ago. And by the way, the constitution does not say that government shall decree the right to keep and bear arms. The constitution says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


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