REPORT: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Covers Russia More Than All Other Topics Combined

MSNBC’s ultra-liberal host, Rachel Maddow, has covered the fake Russia scandal more than all other topics combined during the last several weeks.

The Hill reported:

“Maddow’s Russia coverage has dwarfed the time devoted to other top issues, including Trump’s escalating crackdown on undocumented immigrants (1.3 percent of coverage); Obamacare repeal (3.8 percent); the legal battle over Trump’s Muslim ban (5.6 percent), a surge of anti-GOP activism and town halls since Trump took office (5.8 percent), and Trump administration scandals and stumbles (11 percent),” the analysis reads

The quantitative breakdown was conducted between Feb. 20 and Mar. 31…

…The analysis from the Intercept, which has been generally skeptical of stories about ties between President Trump’s camp and Russia, also found that over this six-week period, Maddow focused on Russia more than every other political issue combined. That included big stories such as the GOP’s failed attempt to repeal ObamaCare, the proposed temporary travel ban, Trump’s budget proposal, the confirmation battle over Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and U.S. military action in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, among other topics. 

“Given her political expertise, journalistic acumen, and influential platform, Maddow is ideally suited to explore the Democrats’ 2016 electoral collapse in an insightful way. But the time and investigative zeal that Maddow has devoted to Russia has come at the cost of any such analysis,” the piece concludes. 

This should come as no surprise as any desperate news organization will do anything for ratings!

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