SHOTS FIRED: Al Sharpton Attacks Socialist Bernie Sanders! (VIDEO)

Al Sharpton appeared on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe to do what he does best: blame everything that is going wrong on race.

Breitbart reported:

Sharpton said Sanders failed to realize the differences between Main Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard, referring to predominantly African-American neighborhoods.

“Bernie Sanders’ challenge, and I said to him, is that you cannot deal with saying ‘kill identity politics, economic populism’ and not deal with the racial problem in even dealing with economics. Because when he talks about, ‘We must bring divided politics to the Main Street,’ there’s a difference between Main Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard. We can’t act like the people on Main Street don’t have some advantages that people on Martin Luther King Boulevard have. I think that’s the challenge.”

“I don’t know that he’s tone deaf as much as I don’t know he’s articulated his feelings he’s communicated to us,” Sharpton added. “He really understands it.”

The Democrats must always work to dehumanize and demonize everyone and everything for their own shortcomings because, in reality, their ideology is extremely flawed.

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