Susan Rice Unmasking Scandal Files SEALED Until After 2020 Election

A report from Washington D.C. shows that the Susan Rice and Obama administration’s unmasking scandal files are sealed for the next five years, meaning that people won’t know the extent of the scandal until after the next presidential election.

Circa News reported:

Judicial Watch, the Washington, D.C. based watchdog group, announced Wednesday that the National Security Council denied them access to materials regarding the unmasking by Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

The National Security Council informed Judicial Watch in a letter that it’s request for records submitted by the intelligence community of former National Security Adviser Susan Rice or her team have been moved in with other property that now belongs to the Barack Obama Presidential Library.

Judicial Watch submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on April 4, 2016.

Tom Fitton, presidnet of the Judicial Watch, said the group made the request because they believe that, “the Obama Administration misused the intelligence powers granted to the president despite his domestic political opponents.”

The National Security Council said that documents from the Obama Administration have been transferred to the Barack Obama Presidential Library, and that all of the records are sealed for the next five years under the Presidential Records Act.

“You want to get these records about the Obama spying program, to see if it was on the up and up, or not,” said Fitton. “Let’s not pretend they’re sealed forever, there are steps the president and investigators can take to get them, so we know quickly what went on.”

What is being hidden in those files?

Trump needs to find a way to get those files released to expose the corruption of Democrats!

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