President Trump Said ‘Terror’ 31 Times, Obama in Cairo Said it ZERO Times

President Trump’s first foreign speech in the Islamic world was strikingly different than the one President Barack Hussien Obama gave in 2009 when he visited Egypt…

Breitbart reported:

Critics will argue upon first inspection that President Trump’s speech to Arab leaders in Riyadh today was scarcely a shift from President Obama’s infamous, fawned over lecture in Cairo in 2009. Those critics are incorrect.
They’re incorrect because they’ll tend to be journalists, activists, think-tankers, politicians, or pundits. In other words: no business people.

The speech President Trump gave in Riyadh was different because of his business acumen. No businessman concludes a meeting without the cliched “action points”. Otherwise, the whole thing is a waste of time.

We can easily find similarities in both their speeches: the usual diplomatic gratitude towards their hosts, the pledges not to lecture, the aggrandizement of the region’s history, and the aversion to describing Western vs. Middle Eastern philosophies as a “clash of civilizations”. Fine.

But where Obama stopped short, Trump continued full speed into making demands of the people in the room.

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Once again, there was very positive support for Trump’s first foreign policy speech, especially when contrasted to the one Obama gave…

(Image: Twitter Photo)

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