UNITED AIRLINES HORROR: Scorpion Falls From Overhead Bin And Stings Passenger

Travelers Richard and Linda Bell were returning home on a United Airlines flight from a two week vacation in Mexico when they received a little surprise from an overhead bin on the aircraft.

Travel and Leisure reported:

They didn’t immediately recognize the honey-colored, 1.5-inch animal until a passenger sitting next to them pointed out that it was probably a scorpion.

Richard took the scorpion from his hair and dropped it onto his tray. When he picked it up again, the animal stung him. Bell told Global News Canada that it “felt like a wasp sting.”

Another passenger took the scorpion, stomped it on the ground and then threw the remains in the toilet.

Upon landing in Calgary, emergency personnel came onboard the plane to examine Richard. He showed “no sign of distress,” according to an EMS spokesperson, and declined medical attention.

It is unclear how the scorpion got onto the flight, although the most likely scenario is that it snuck onboard inside someone’s luggage.

The scorpion incident comes after United Airlines came under fire for having a customer forcibly removed from a flight and after a woman was given only $400 in flight vouchers after being groped on a flight.

(Image: YouTube Video)

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