New United Airlines Incident Comes To Light: Gave Woman Vouchers For Being GROPED On A Flight!

A woman told the Huffington Post on Wednesday that she was groped on a United Airlines flight.

What did United do?

They gave her vouchers for the incident.

Law Newz reported:

She told her story to the Huffington Post on Wednesday and United had not commented on the matter by the time it was published. Rafieyan told the outlet she watched two flight attendants help the man to his seat prior to takeoff, despite what she believed was a clear level of drunkenness and a supposed warning from two flight attendants about the man.

“[One attendant] made some comment to me like, ‘This is going to be an interesting flight,’ and looked at him,” Rafieyan told the outlet. “And then the other flight attendant came up and said, ‘Let me know if you need anything. I mean it’― and she looked at him.”

Rafieyan says it only got worse from there.  The outlet states:

Over the course of the next five and a half hours, [she] says the 64-year-old repeatedly groped her and sexually harassed her. He rubbed her legs, grabbed her knee, kissed her hands, put his head on her shoulder and snatched her pen and notepad to add “PASIONAT NITE XX” to the to-do list she was writing. . .

When she eventually says she detailed the complaint to corporate about a month later, and she said the response was totally unacceptable. She received an apology email from a customer service agent and four $100 vouchers.

That’s $400 in vouchers for being groped on a flight.

To be fair, the mainstream media and social media giants have helped push damaging stories about United Airlines that are taken out of context and that were intentionally designed to make the airline look bad.

The story about the man who was dragged off a flight was damaging to the airline, although the airline did nothing wrong. The man was told by several law enforcement officers that he needed to exit the aircraft, he refused.

United also came under fire for not allowing two girls on a aircraft because of what they were wearing. They weren’t allowed on because they were flying on employee passes which the mainstream media didn’t report. When flying on employee passes there are dress codes that the passenger must abide by.

And, as previously reported, they had a woman change her seat to accommodate Pakistani men who didn’t want to sit next to a woman. 

It’s the not-so-friendly skies!

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