WATCH: Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump for Using ‘Evidence and Facts’ (VIDEO)

Failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is desperate to stay relevant and is still bitter from her loss to President Donald Trump.

The Free Beacon reported:

“When women participate in peace making we are all safer and more secure,” Clinton said during a speech at Georgetown University on “the important role that women can play in international politics and peace building efforts.”

“Studies show–here I go again talking about research, evidence, and facts,” Clinton then said. The crowd cheered and applauded loudly for about 20 seconds as Clinton laughed and smiled. She then shrugged and continued with her remarks.

Clinton supporters have criticized Trump for his recent accusations that the Obama administration wiretapped him, arguing the president has no facts to support his claim. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton repeatedly attacked Trump for not listening to scientific evidence regarding his views on climate change.

In regards to the wire tap claim, Clinton supporters should not be gloating anymore given all the information that is coming out about how President Obama did in fact spy of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton is a completely classless fool. She should be thankful that she isn’t in jail.

(Image: YouTube Photo)

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