SURPRISE! Russia Intelligence Expert Says Russia Supported Occupy Wall Street Protests (VIDEO)

A former intelligence expert on Russia told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday that Russia supported left-wing Occupy Wall Street protests, NTK Network reported.

Eugene Rumer said that Russia’s support of the protests showed they are more than willing to play both sides of the political spectrum in the United States.

NTK Network reported:

“Occupy Wall Street was a genuine movement on the left, but it certainly serves the interests of Russian propaganda to play it up as a major challenge, as something representing a major fault line in our society,” Rumer said.

“It drives the message that the United States is in decline. The United States is in crisis,” Rumer added.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) brought up Russia Today’s promotion of the far left protests at a hearing on Russian interference. Collins described Russia Today as “an organ of the Russian government.”

This revelation completely destroys the assertion that Putin is out to get the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, or anyone not named Donald Trump.

President Trump represents everything that is the exact opposite of the left-wing Occupy Wall Street protests.

Once again the narrative that the mainstream media is pushing on the American people turns out to be, at best, nothing more than glorified rumors.

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