WHAT?! Harvard Students Say Trump More Dangerous Than ISIS (VIDEO)

Harvard is the perfect example of a liberal indoctrination factory. Recently Campus Reform, an online campus watchdog site, asked Harvard students to who they thought was more dangerous: President Trump or ISIS.

Campus reform reported:

Over the past year and a half, college administrators and students have boldly spoken out against the election, and now the presidency, of Donald Trump.

Perhaps nowhere was this more noticeable than on the left-leaning campus of Harvard University.

Campus Reform has reported numerous times on the overwhelming liberal bias at the Ivy League university, and just this week, students there started an anti-Trump “resistance school” with the goal of learning how to fight back against the president’s agenda.

Students consistently cite the “danger” posed by President Trump, and claim to feel “threatened” by his policies.

Wanting to know just how dangerous these students think Donald Trump is, Campus Reform went to Harvard to ask a simple question, “Who is more dangerous to Americans, Donald Trump or ISIS?”

As you can see, these students are extremely out of touch with reality. They don’t believe that ISIS is a threat to them, they don’t believe terrorism is dangerous.

If ISIS were on that campus those students would be begging President Trump for help.

(Image: YouTube Photo)

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