WHAT? Sean Spicer Praises Journalist April Ryan And She Says He’s SEXIST (VIDEO)

“Journalist” April Ryan suggested on Wednesday while speaking on CNN that White House press secretary Sean Spicer has a problem with women. This comes after Spicer had reportedly praised her for her toughness, according to the Free Beacon.

From their report:

“Apparently Spicer praised you in some interview,” said host Brooke Baldwin, “calling you tough, that he treats all reporters the same, and any suggestion of any iota of sexism is actually just an insult to you. Would you agree with that?”

“Well, I thank him for saying I’m tough, but I still bleed and I hurt too at the same time,” Ryan said.

“He came out today in the briefing, talking about how this administration has really worked with women and women’s issues,” she continued. “But what happened to me was an incident, but there was also another story about a female reporter who was called an idiot from Politico.”

Ryan was referring to Spicer calling Politico‘s Tara Palmeri “an idiot with no sources” in an email to Breitbart after she tweeted that Trump might replace top adviser Reince Priebus.

“So, it’s two women… you have to remember, this is a male-dominated town.” Ryan noted.

Only a liberal can take a genuine comment and turn it around in such a manner as to make the person who is giving it a villain.

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