WHY IS HE HIDING? CNN’s President RUNS Away From Reporter! (VIDEO)

The head of the Clinton/Clown/Corrupt/Counterfeit News Network (CNN) literally ran away from the founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, when he confronted him over recently released under cover videos that show high-profile CNN employees admitting that the network’s coverage of President Trump is “mostly bullsh*t,” and that the Russia scandal is a “big nothing burger.”

Why is Zucker running? Why won’t he face the media if his network is truly innocent and the criticisms that it receieves are false?

Project Veritas is set to release more damning videos on CNN in the very near future, here are the ones that they have released so far…

CNN is an enemy of the American people and needs to be put under criminal invesigation for trying to undermine the stability of our elected government.

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