WOW! Media And Democrats Praise Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation Performance (VIDEO)

Want to know how to dominate in politics? Watch Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation hearings. Gorsuch carries himself with grace and humility and gives his opponents no ammunition to use against him.

The Free Beacon reported

On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell called Gorsuch’s hearing a “slam dunk,” Joe Scarborough called him “masterful,” Willie Geist said his professionalism was unquestionable, and Brian Williams said it was “tough to lay a glove on this guy.”

On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin said it was clear Gorsuch knew more about the law than any of the senators asking him questions, Wolf Blitzer praised him as “very knowledgeable,” Patrick Healy said he had a “natural command,” and Gloria Borger called him “completely qualified and everybody knows it.”

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Gorsuch during the week over his prior rulings and originalist philosophy, but, in the words of NBC anchor Lester Holt, he proved “very tough for Democrats to rattle.” One ABC News reporter said efforts to stop Gorsuch were “scattershot” and “low-intensity.”…

…Democrats are still fuming about Judge Merrick Garland never getting a hearing after he was put forward last year by Obama to take the place of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. At one point, Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.) became visibly frustrated when Gorsuch declined to discuss the details of Garland’s controversial nomination process.

Perhaps President Trump could take a lesson from Gorsuch. If Trump carried himself the same way that Gorsuch the media wouldn’t be able to attack him and then he could just focus on the issues and not the corrupt media.

(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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