SAD! Anti-Trump Leftists Turn On Each Other As Mob Descends Into Violence (VIDEO)


These people can’t even get along with each other! The leftists protesting Trump in Portland, Oregon started beating each other up last night. It’s just a sad mob of angry people.

The American Mirror reported:

Video shows one rioter hammering an electrical box with a baseball bat.

One human being — who appeared to be a woman (unconfirmed) — stood by the box, apparently shouting for the man to stop.

As he successfully beat the lock off the door, he flung it open, nearly hitting her in the face.

A woman carrying a banner jumped in front of the box, pushed him away and demanded he stop attacking the box.

He pushed her down and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Watch the video below. Strong language warning:

Maybe these folks would be better off if they had jobs.

They wouldn’t have any more time to protest, that’s for sure.

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