Sarah Sanders Catches CNN In Another Bout Of “Fake News”

CNN has become such a joke that they can’t even report basic facts correctly anymore. Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently caught them getting another detail wrong and called them out on Twitter. Too funny.

The Daily Caller reports:

CNN Torched By Sarah Sanders For Mistaking Trump WH Staffer For Obama Official

CNN had a rough Friday.

First, the network had to correct egregious, humiliating fake news in a report about Trump-Russia collusion.

Now, it seems CNN cannot get the identities right of White House staff. In a segment featuring a quote from current Trump deputy director of communications Raj Shah, CNN used in the image of another Raj Shah, who served in the Obama White House.

See the tweets below:

Does anyone at CNN grasp the damage they are doing not only to their own brand but to the media at large? All of this is going to work against them and Democrats in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

People have lost faith in their ability to even get the story right. And it was all of their own doing.

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