Seth Meyers Smacks Hillary: Bernie Sanders Didn’t Tell You Not To Go To Wisconsin (VIDEO)

Seth Meyers cried when Hillary lost but now he’s mad at her for blaming Bernie Sanders for her loss in her new book. He makes a funny point about Wisconsin.

Mediaite reports:

Seth Meyers Roasts Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders ‘Didn’t Tell You Not To Go To Wisconsin’

“Hey! Hillary Clinton!” Meyers began. “Don’t blame Bernie just because Donald Trump called you names. I promise you he was gonna do that anyway.”

The Late Night host then asked her if she thought that Trump needed Sanders’s permission “to be an asshole” because “assholes don’t ask for permission,” which is what “makes them assholes.”

“Why are you wasting pages on Bernie?!?” he exclaimed. “Do you think he’s gonna read this? He’s not! First off, he’s not a fan. And second off, Bernie’s not paying $17.99 for a book!”

Meyers assured her that Bernie is not the reason she lost because she “beat Trump by 3 million votes.”

“If you want to blame something ancient, blame the electoral college,” he said.

He then reminded Clinton that Sanders “didn’t tell [her] not to go to Wisconsin,” to “give paid speeches to Wall Street,” nor write this terrible Pokemon Go joke.

Of course, Seth takes a few hits at Trump but you have to expect that. Seth is a liberal. Watch below:

It’s all water under the bridge now. Hillary isn’t going to be president.

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