SHOCK VIDEO: New Yorkers Think ISIS Infiltrating The United States Is FAKE NEWS

There has been a lot of hype in the media lately about fake news. But the fact that ISIS is already in the United States isn’t fake at all.

How people from New York could be so ignorant about this is astounding.

Truth Revolt has the details:

WATCH: New Yorkers Think ISIS Spreading in the U.S. is Fake News

Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) released its first in a series of videos promising to “expose the intellectual corruption and devastating effects of the left’s war on the truth and the grave threats we face.”

In its first offering, reporter Laura Loomer descends on New York City’s Grand Central Station to ask New Yorkers to comment on the latest phenomenon known as “fake news.” Specifically, they were asked to decide the fake news story out of two possibilities: the spread of ISIS in the United States or Russians hacking the election. Almost invariably the participants chose the spread of ISIS.

Geller noted: “It wasn’t just 9/11: New York City has been targeted by jihadis numerous times. The NYPD is on heightened alert for the Christmas season because of the all-too-real possibility that ISIS or other jihadis will carry out a major jihad terror attack during the holiday season. But in Grand Central Station, crowded with holiday shoppers, people were more worried about ‘fake news’ than about the Islamic jihad threat.”

Watch the video:

With believing fake news like that, no wonder New Yorkers voted for Hillary!

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