STRANGE: Hillary’s Christian Faith Is Missing On Campaign Trail This Election

Hillary Clinton church

What happened to Hillary Clinton’s Christian faith?

When on the campaign trail or in rare interviews with the mainstream media, Clinton almost always refuses to mention God, Jesus Christ or even the Bible, despite the fact that she, herself, is a Christian.

Washington Times reports:

Hillary Clinton’s Christianity, which she wielded as a political weapon in her 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign, largely has been missing in this year’s election.

She hasn’t hidden her Methodist upbringing, but scholars say it’s not front and center. And where in the past she used it as a window into her character, this year she’s deployed it as a debate tactic to push criminal justice reform and other policy goals.

Church attendance also has been all but absent from Mrs. Clinton’s schedule, except when she’s turned up behind a pulpit to stump for votes, particularly in predominantly black churches, where her appearances focus largely on how she intends to work with religious leaders to accomplish shared political objectives.

What’s up with that? Did Hillary’s donors not like the fact that she was Christian?

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