TAMMY BRUCE: Democrats Want To Injure Trump But “They’re Injuring The Country” (VIDEO)

In an appearance on the Stuart Varney show this week, Tammy Bruce explained how Democrats are doing a disservice to the American people. By freaking out over everything Trump says and trying to obstruct everything he does, Democrats are hurting the country.

She was speaking specifically of Democrats trying to block Neil Gorsuch from being confirmed for the Supreme Court. First she singled out Democrats who may object then pointed out some of them know better.

Here’s what Tammy said:

“Americans do not like this, the president is still new and they [Democrats] want to injure the president but by keeping Jeff Sessions out, as an example, they’re injuring the country. And the American people understand that.”

Watch the whole video below:

When does Tammy Bruce get her own show on FOX?

Wouldn’t you watch it?

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