Tammy Bruce Explains What The Left Doesn’t Get About Women And Trump (VIDEO)


Radio host and political commentator Tammy Bruce was on Stuart Varney’s show on the FOX Business Network this week and briefly explained what so many people on the left don’t get about Trump.

Before the clip below begins, she was presumably asked something about Trump and women or past comments Trump has made about women.

Here’s what she says:

“Here’s what Donald Trump is. He’s the triage surgeon in the ER that we need when we might not make it to the next day. If you’re being rushed to the emergency room, you’re not gonna take a poll about the opinion necessarily of the man that is going to save your life.

I am not electing a husband or a boyfriend or a brother. Or a man that I want to have take my daughter to the prom. We’re electing a man who’s going to save this nation and get us to the next step.”

Watch the video:

What a brilliant way of putting it.

Go Tammy!

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