Tammy Bruce Exposes Hillary Game Plan: BLAME THE MESSENGER (VIDEO)

Tammy Bruce was on Varney & Co. today discussing the FBI re-opening it’s investigation of Hillary’s emails. 

Tammy noted that Hillary’s emails would come out eventually. The Democrats are just upset about the timing.

And now, Hillary’s people have a new game plan: They’re going to attack James Comey.

Watch (via Varney & Co.):

From the video:

“For Hillary Clinton – and this is ultimately what happens – you can only deceive everyone for a short period of time. Eventually, it will come out. This was inevitable. I think they certainly are in a lot of trouble. But keep in mind also: The Clintons have always blamed the messenger. They want this to be a story about James Comey, not about her. And that’s what they’re working very hard on.”

She’s right!

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