Tammy Bruce On Obama Supporting The Rioters: “This Is Why He Lost This Election” (VIDEO)


Obama has flatly refused to try to calm the leftist rioters currently tearing apart American cities over the election of Donald Trump. He could do it if he wanted to, he just won’t.

Tammy Bruce addressed this on the Stuart Varney show by saying:

“For anybody who was hesitant about voting for Mr. Trump, who felt bad about it, those kinds of remarks as… These aren’t protests, they’re riots, it’s baseball bats at cars, there are some shots, there’s violence in general. This is why he [Obama] lost this election in large part. Americans want law and order. They want the rule of law, they want grown ups to come home. That’s what’s happening. He’s helping us with 2018 in that election as a matter of fact.”

Watch the video:

As usual, Tammy is right!

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