This 18 Year Old Chinese American Woman Supports Trump And SHE’S AWESOME! (VIDEO)


Kathy Zhu is an 18 year old Chinese American who supports Trump. She used to be a Hillary supporter but changed her mind based on national security issues, terrorism and a rejection of political correctness.

She also converted her parents into Trump supporters and has been a volunteer canvasser for the Trump campaign. She was recently profiled by Fusion and you can watch the video below.

At one point, she says:

“Everyone tries to mask what they really feel in order to not offend anyone else. So I think that having a president who is not politically correct is a really good way to show the real side of what’s happening in America. I used to be Democrat and I changed to Republican because I woke up and realized the danger of what we could be in if we don’t act now.”

Watch the video:

Check out Kathy’s great Twitter feed here.

She’s a patriot!

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