This Young Black Woman Supports Trump And SHE IS AWESOME! (VIDEO)


You have probably seen plenty of left wing college students melting down over Trump’s victory. Those students couldn’t walk a mile in this young woman’s shoes. She’s a black Trump supporter. Even though people have been mean to her, she stands tall.

When asked why she supports Trump she said:

“I voted for Donald Trump because I think culturally, Americans are pushing back and saying we want a more libertarian society, we want a more open society where we can express ourselves however we want and we’ve been kind of marred by this PC culture that’s coming in and saying – we control what you say and how you say it.”

She’s also pro-Second Amendment and pro-life.

When asked if she gets criticism from the left she says:

“I hear that I’m a race traitor at least once a day.”

That’s awful. She is obviously a strong person!

Watch the video:

With young people like her, there is hope for America!

She rocks!

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