TO THE SAFE SPACE! Snowflakes Walk Out Of Talk When Biologist Says Men And Women Are Different (VIDEO)

Did you know scientific facts are a form of fascism now? Some students at Portland State walked out of a talk in protest when a biologist pointed out the 100 percent accurate fact that men and women are different. Some of them even referred to her words as fascism.

Twitchy has the details:

WATCH: Students walk out on ‘Nazis’ who point out biological differences between men and women

Speaking at a diversity discussion at Portland State University on Feb. 17, Evergreen State College biologist Heather E. Heying pointed out that there are, indeed, biological differences between men and women: height, muscle mass, fat deposits, etc.

That was enough to cause several students to walk out, apparently sabotage the sound system on the way out, and generally, give security a hard time over defending the “Nazis” speaking inside.

Watch the video:

You have to love the fact that most of the students in the audience applauded when a professor on the panel said the talk would continue without them.

Do the students who walked out have any idea how stupid they look?

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